Friday, March 30, 2007

Why Passover?

This was the question posed to me by my supervisor at work on Thursday evening after I requested taking Monday (Passover) off. I had a few reasons to offer him. First of all, the Passover and all of God's moedim (feast days) are part of my relationship with him. The feast days are what David in Psalm 23 called the "paths of righteousness." They show me how to get to the wedding day. The day the bride is married to the bridegroom. Secondly, the Passover is when I give glory to God for rescuing me from my sin. Moses, when he rescued the Israelites from Egypt under God's hand is a type and picture, a prophecy, of the coming of Christ and our deliverance from sin. The church knows this to be the Easter season. I will make one point clear about Easter. The word "easter" is only found once in all of today's bible translations. Can you guess which translation uses the word "easter?" If you guess the King James Version you would be correct. Every other translation uses "Passover" when refering to the time Jesus broke bread with his disciples and said, "This is my body that is broken for you." Thirdly, the Passover is a shadow of Jesus. This may sound strange to some but allow me to finish my point. When I step into the Passover celebration, I step into the shadow of Jesus. Yes, Passover is prophetic of Christ and Christ has come and has died however Passover has not lost the deep, richness of Spirit life because the prophecy the feast contains has come to pass. It is still as meaningful today as it was the night Israel painted their doorposts blood red so that the Spirit of God would not kill their firstborn.